2020 General Workshops

PRODUCT IBL Workshops are practical, hands-on, and interactive workshops for college math instructors interested in teaching via IBL or hybrid IBL. The focus of the workshops is on developing the skills and practices necessary for successful implementation of IBL. We are offering two identical workshops in 2020!


Participants will learn new skills from experienced IBL instructors, reflect on current teaching practices, and prepare to teach their own IBL math course during the next academic year. The IBL workshop is a residential workshop. Getting away from your daily routine, working with like-minded colleagues and focusing on your teaching is a great way to make your first or next step in IBL teaching! 

Registration for our LA and DC workshops will open in December, 2019! Please contact Katie Kahle, AIBL Assistant, with any further questions.

What should I expect from the workshop?

Structure of the Workshops: 8am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday

Mornings are devoted to video lesson study, discussions of relevant articles from the Math Education literature, and nuts and bolts issues of managing an IBL course.

Afternoons are primarily set aside for attendees to develop one or possibly two target courses. Attendees are especially encouraged to select a course they will focus on at the workshop that they will teach in the following academic year. Developing and implementing course materials will be the main focus of afternoon sessions. 

Follow-up Support: After the workshop, a comprehensive support system via workshop staff and The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning (AIBL) is available to all workshop attendees. A year-long mentoring program will be established for the participants of the workshops. Further support is available for participants during and after the year-long mentoring program via AIBL, including conferences, additional mentoring, small grants and a vibrant community of IBL practitioners.

Attendance Expectations: The IBL workshop meets from 8AM to 5PM, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the designated workshop week. Participants who attend an IBL Workshop are expected to attend all sessions. The goals and sequencing of workshop sessions are intentionally designed for participants to be present and engaged for the entire 4 days.


Target College Math IBL Courses:

Attendees of the IBL workshop are highly encouraged to select a target course that they will teach in the academic year following the workshop. Course materials sessions allow attendees an opportunity to develop materials specific to their teaching style and institutional environment. Attendees are encouraged to select an upper-division math course (if possible), because it is easier to implement IBL at this level. However, we can work with you to help select your easiest course to get started with utilizing IBL teaching methods. With that aside, attendees are welcome to focus on courses such as Pre-Calculus courses, Calculus, Math for Liberal Arts, Math for Secondary or Elementary Teaching, Statistics and second year Calculus Courses (DiffEq, Linear Algebra).

*Eligibility: Math Faculty of all ranks employed at 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities with undergraduate programs in North America are eligible to apply, this includes tenure or tenure-track faculty, lecturers, adjuncts, and postdocs. K-12 teachers and graduate students are not eligible. Early career faculty (postdocs and assistant professors) are especially encouraged to apply. Please see the answers below to some frequently asked questions about the workshops. However, if you have any further questions or need clarification, please contact Stan Yoshinobu, the AIBL Project Director.

What is included?

What do I pay for?

Participants are responsible for some costs, including:

  • Airfare or other travel arrangements to and from the workshop location.

  • Registration fee.

  • Airport transfers. We encourage and will help coordinate shared travel transfers when possible.

  • Per diem and incidentals on travel days.

  • We encourage all participants to check in with their Departments for possible assistance with workshop and related travel costs!


The PRODUCT workshops (via NSF funds) provide:

  • All necessary Workshop materials

  • Lodging starting Monday night through Saturday morning, based on the workshop

  • Meals (starting Tuesday breakfast and ending with breakfast on Saturday, note: meal specifics vary based on the workshop, see specific workshop page for more information)

  • Early-career faculty (post-docs, and assistant professors) are eligible for travel scholarships/support (up to $500). Funding is available for faculty at US institutions only. An application is required, and support is not guaranteed.


Where will I stay and what should I bring?

The IBL workshop (with NSF funds) provides lodging and meals.  Workshops will be Tuesday-Friday, roughly 8:30am-5pm each day.  

Participants will reside in either campus housing or a hotel, and will have bedding provided, unless indicated otherwise. Generally, you will need to bring any personal supplies and toiletries.  Please see each workshop page for more details.

Can I bring my Family?

We try to accommodate families and partners, although we are using hotel rooms and dorms intended for individuals. Participants are responsible for extra costs beyond normal participant costs. If you are interested in bringing your family we will work with you on finding a solution. 

Please contact us for further assistance with logistics and planning.

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