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Student Voices Ep.10

The student voices series of videos is focused on telling stories from the student's perspective. In this episode, Shannon Sheehan, an undergraduate at Cal Poly majoring in Liberal Studies (Elementary Education), who was in Professor Champney's IBL Calculus 1 class discusses how IBL helped her learn math better, contributed to her success in the course, and perhaps most importantly, how she plans to use IBL in her own teaching. Shannon will be an IBLer, not just in math, but in all subjects. Click the link to watch the video!


Student Buy-IN

One of the common issues new IBL instructors face is student buy-in. This is a real concern for all instructors. In this post, I outline the issue broadly, and then provide some tips for how to ensure that your students get with the program in their minds and in their hearts (Yoshinobu, 2012). 


Why IBL? 

"Inquiry-based learning (IBL) has been transformative for me as a student and as a teacher.  I was an undergraduate at Hendrix College in Conway, AR, where I was fortunate enough to have all of my upper level courses taught with an inquiry approach.  I had always liked math and had been good at it, enough to be pretty sure from an early age that I wanted to major in math in college.  But it was my first IBL course that really made me a mathematician." - Carol Schumacher, Kenyon College