Greater UPSTATE NEW YORK ibl Consortium

For the past several years, a group of professors in upstate New York have been meeting to share experiences related to the use of Inquiry Based Learning in their mathematics classes.  Together with funding from the Educational Advancement Foundation and the Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry, they have built upon this community in new and profound ways. They invite you to see what is happening in their area, and how you may join in and get involved!

Consortium Goals:

  • Support for your IBL experience.  There are gatherings such as dinner meetings, or e-mail conversations to discuss all aspects of teaching IBL: planning, initial implementation, daily workings of the classroom, and writing of course notes.
  • Mentoring for those who want a personal connection to another IBL practitioner.  This allows for a supportive network to exchange ideas between the more experienced and novice users.
  • Workshops to help develop IBL skills and practices.  These workshops are usually aligned with the MAA Seaway Meetings.
  • Open Classrooms of IBL practitioners in our area.  The aspect of classroom visitation can be very enriching, regardless of personal experience or comfort level with IBL. We coordinate visits with one or more professors using IBL in their classrooms.
  • Funding may be available to support our IBL community. We can fund mentors and mentees with classroom visitations if needed, or to attend a Seaway Section meeting. Our funding also allows for the numerous activities listed above, and for additional personal projects upon request.
  • For more information and to join our consortium at any time, please contact us at

Come Join Us!

We have many opportunities for getting together to continue the IBL conversations. See announcements below

IMPORTANT Announcements:

  • IBL @ MAA Seaway

    • There will be an IBL workshop at the Spring MAA Seaway meeting at SUNY Brockport.  The MAA meeting is April 13 - 14, 2018, and the workshop itself will begin at 4:45pm on Saturday, April 14 (after the main part of the conference).  Jim Matthews of Siena College will facilitate the workshop.  The workshop is titled Mathematical Treats for Inquiring Minds.  A description of the workshop appears below.  If you'd like to attend, please e-mail your desire to attend to Xiao Xiao (xixiao at utica dot edu) by April 10 along with any dietary restrictions you may have.  Oh yeah, we'll provide dinner at no charge!

    • Workshop description: In this workshop we will share engaging materials that can provide students from kindergarten through calculus with a learning environment based on inquiry. The materials are focused on mathematical problem solving. The problems (fairly) easily lead to students asking their own questions. And they connect to broad mathematical topics including patterns, counting, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, and functional relationships. While we work through workshop materials, we will discuss not only how specific problems can be used but we will also emphasize ways we might encourage pre-service and in-service teachers to incorporate more inquiry based lessons in their teaching. This workshop should be of interest to mathematics teachers of all levels and to college faculty working with pre-service and in-service teachers. Dinner will be provided during the workshop


  • Dinner Meeting: Rochester

    • We're planning a dinner meeting in Rochester for the first week of April.  If you're interested, e-mail Ryan Gantner (rgantner at sjfc dot edu) with a time you'd like to get together and we'll set a date/time.
  • Rochester Math Teachers' Circle

    • The Rochester Math Teachers' Circle meets monthly at St. John Fisher College in 2018.  Interested K-12 teachers should visit the webpage to check it out.  For more information, contact Matt Thomas (mthomas7 at ithaca dot edu) or Ryan Gantner (rgantner at sjfc dot edu).
  • mailing list

    • To join our mailing list at any time, send e-mail to uny.ibl at gmail dot com.  We'll get you set up and you'll receive announcements about what's going on.