Greater UPSTATE NEW YORK ibl Consortium

For the past several years, a group of professors in upstate New York have been meeting to share experiences related to the use of Inquiry Based Learning in their mathematics classes.  Together with funding from the Educational Advancement Foundation and the Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry, they have built upon this community in new and profound ways. They invite you to see what is happening in their area, and how you may join in and get involved!

Consortium Goals:

  • Support for your IBL experience.  There are gatherings such as dinner meetings, or e-mail conversations to discuss all aspects of teaching IBL: planning, initial implementation, daily workings of the classroom, and writing of course notes.
  • Mentoring for those who want a personal connection to another IBL practitioner.  This allows for a supportive network to exchange ideas between the more experienced and novice users.
  • Workshops to help develop IBL skills and practices.  These workshops are usually aligned with the MAA Seaway Meetings.
  • Open Classrooms of IBL practitioners in our area.  The aspect of classroom visitation can be very enriching, regardless of personal experience or comfort level with IBL. We coordinate visits with one or more professors using IBL in their classrooms.
  • Funding may be available to support our IBL community. We can fund mentors and mentees with classroom visitations if needed, or to attend a Seaway Section meeting. Our funding also allows for the numerous activities listed above, and for additional personal projects upon request.
  • For more information and to join our consortium at any time, please contact us at

Come Join Us!

We have many opportunities for getting together to continue the IBL conversations. See announcements below

IMPORTANT Announcements:

  • IBL @ MAA Seaway

    • There will be an IBL workshop at the Fall MAA Seaway meeting at the University of Toronto Mississauga.  The MAA meeting is October 12 - 13, 2018, and the workshop itself will begin at 4:30pm on Saturday, October 13 (after the main part of the conference).  Ryan Gantner of St. John Fisher College will facilitate the workshop.  The workshop is titled Classroom Dynamics for Student Engagement.  A description of the workshop appears below.  We'll provide dinner at no charge!

    • Workshop description:

      In this workshop we’ll explore various techniques for maximizing student engagement in your classroom.  While literature has shown that “active” classroom techniques are most often superior than “passive” ones (such as straightforward lecturing to students) when it comes to student learning and retention, there is no general agreement as to what “active” means and no generally agreed upon magic classroom technique that is “best”.  Inquiry-based learning pedagogies fall in the large category of active classrooms, as do some “active lectures” and flipped classrooms (and others), and there is room for overlap between these.  The “active” moniker that glues all of these together indicates a degree of student engagement in and out of the classroom that is sought after. 

                    Acknowledging that there isn’t a single best technique, we’ll demonstrate many ideas and techniques so that you can find one (or many) that fit with your personality, class size, physical environment, level of course, student ability level, etc.  Teaching is a complex system and there are a lot of different items to consider, so having a library of strategies can help even those who have a lot of experience find ways to increase student engagement and make their classrooms more active.

                    This workshop is aimed at everyone who is or is interested in becoming a teacher of mathematics.


  • Dinner Meetings

    • We're planning dinner meetings across the region for the fall semester.  If you're interested in hosting one near you, e-mail the UNY IBL mailing list (which you have access to if you are on it -- rather not broadcast the e-mail address here!) or send an e-mail to (uny.ibl at gmail dot com) with a time you'd like to get together and we'll set a date/time and send out invitations.
  • Math circles of inquiry

  • mailing list

    • To join our mailing list at any time, send e-mail to uny.ibl at gmail dot com.  We'll get you set up and you'll receive announcements about what's going on.