IBL Video Series

The IBL Video series is an introduction to IBL teaching methods in college mathematics, which is our main focus. The IBL framework can be applied to other levels, such as K-12, graduate mathematics, and all math instructors are welcome and encouraged to engage with these ideas. Our focus, however, is in supporting college math instructors to start and continue to use IBL methods.

The IBL Blog Playlist has a fuller set of articles on IBL teaching. IBL Workshop Zero is a slideshow that also discusses what IBL is. Our intention is for instructors to use both sources. Furthermore, while this online video series does not replace intensive, in-person workshops, it does offer a useful starting point.

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Video 1: What is Ibl?

This video is a basic introduction about IBL methods in college Mathematics.


Video 2 Part 1: intro to proofs Example

This an example of how Intro to Proofs, any other upper-level, proof-based course could look. Heavy use of presentations can also be used in lower-level courses, such as Math for Liberal Arts, Problem Solving, or in courses with sufficient time and 


Video 2 Part 2: calculus Example

This is an example of how IBL Calculus could look like, where several forms of group work and instructor led discussions are used.


Video 3: making an ibl handout

Making an IBL handout when you are assigned a textbook (e.g. Calculus) is doable. In this video we take a typical set of lessons, and turn them into a handout that can be used in class with a sequence of small group + whole group discussion + mini lecture combo.


Video 4: think-pair-share

This video provides examples of how a variety of ways to use Think-Pair-Share can be used in any math class.


video 5: Sample Course STructures

This video highlights some sample course structures, providing a starting point for instructors building syllabi for an IBL course. We also touch on standards-based/mastery-based final exams, but do not go deeply into assessment issues, which will be covered in another (future) video.


Video 6: Day 1

Day 1 is a special day of the term. This is when instructors can start to set the tone of the course. This video gives a relative simple option for what an instructor can do on day 1. Starting with students' hobbies and how they got good/better, the instructor can lead students to practice, making mistakes, and active learning. While starting off on the right foot is important, viewers are cautioned that student buy-in is ideally a integrated process spanning the entire term. 

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Video 7: Standards based grading

This video explains standards based grading, also known as mastery-based grading.


Additional Resources

The YouTube playlist of this video series can be accessed HERE.

More videos are on the way! Please let us know if there is a topic you would like to learn more about. And we have an online community on FaceBook. Math instructors are encouraged to join us for friendly, collegial discussions at the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning Facebook Group