MAA Math Fest 2018

Denver, CO

August 1-4, 2018


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Mathfest has a call for contributed papers and posters, PosterFest 2018, undergraduate and graduate student papers. Please visit their website for more information. (LINK)

Abstracts for Contributed Paper and Poster Sessions and Graduate Student Paper Sessions are due Monday, April 30, 2018. 

Inquiry Based Learning at Mathfest:

Paper Submissions

Topic: Inquiry Based Learning and Teaching

Date: Friday, August 3rd 2018

Time: Morning and Afternoon

Organizers: Brian Katz (Augustana College), Eric Kahn (Bloomsburg University), Victor Piercey (Ferris State University), Candice Price (University of San Diego), Xiao Xiao (Utica College), Amanda H. Matson (Clarke University), Mindy Capaldi (Valparaiso University), Kayla Dwelle (Ouchita Baptist University), Phong Le (Goucher College). 

Description: The goal of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is to transform students from consumers to producers of mathematics. Inquiry-based methods aim to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and the processes of doing mathematics by putting those students in direct contact with mathematical phenomena, questions, and communities. Within this context, IBL methods exhibit great variety. Activities can take place in single class meetings and span entire curricula for students of any age; students can be guided to re-invent mathematical concepts, to explore definitions and observe patterns, to justify core results, and to take the lead in asking new questions. There is a growing body of evidence that IBL methods are effective and important for teaching mathematics and for fostering positive attitudes toward the subject. This session invites scholarly presentations on the use of inquiry-based methods for teaching and learning. We especially invite presentations that include successful IBL activities or assignments, that support observations about student outcomes with evidence, or that could help instructors who are new to IBL to try new methods. (This session will include a themed sub-session devoted to IBL practitioners with mid-level experience, sponsored by the IBL Workshop Class of 2013.) (MAA Mathfest)

Mini Courses

Topic: Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning

Date and Time: Thursday August 2nd, 4-6pm and Saturday August 4, 1:30-3:30pm

Organizers: Brian P Katz (Augustana College), Victor Piercey (Ferris State University), Eric Kahn (Bloomsbury University), Candice Price (University of San Diego), Xiao Xiao (Utica College), Theron J Hitchman (University of Northern Iowa), Alison Marr (Southwestern University)


Description: This minicourse will be a hands-on introduction to inquiry-based learning. Inquiry-based learning is a pedagogical approach that strongly emphasizes active learning and sense-making. During the minicourse, the facilitators and participants will model some typical IBL classroom modes as teachers and students and then reflect on and analyze these experiences. Discussion will include finding and using existing resources that support inquiry-based teaching and a variety of manners in which participants can use them to integrate some IBL practices into their classrooms. The minicourse is intended for new users of inquiry-based learning and for faculty who are interested in becoming new users. By the end, the participants will be familiar with resources and facilitation methods for using inquiry-based learning in the classroom. (MAA Mathfest)


Description: A business meeting with plenary session hosted by Angie Hodge